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3 Ways Laser Dentistry Improves Your Oral Health

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If it’s been a while since you’ve visited a dental practice, you will be happy to learn that a lot has changed in recent years. More and more, state-of-the-art technology is being utilized to improve your overall experience by speeding treatment times, improving your comfort, and ensuring more favorable outcomes.

One technology that many patients are excited about is laser dentistry. Dentists use the same type of laser that's used for medical procedures but they have been adapted for use in certain dental procedures.

Treatment with lasers is non-invasive, efficient, minimizes bleeding, and provides faster recovery times. Since laser dentistry in Vienna, VA can be adapted for different procedures, we can easily treat ...

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5 Factors That Affect the Whiteness of Your Smile

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Do your pearly whites look neither pearly nor white? Many factors cause teeth to lose their luster, and it’s not just about cutting back on your morning coffee. Here are a few things that have people turning to professional teeth whitening in Vienna, VA to restore the vibrancy of their smiles.

1. What You Eat and Drink

You may already know that coffee and red wine are notorious for staining teeth, but here are a few others that may not occur to you: 

  • Dark teas
  • Colas or colored sodas
  • Fruit juices
  • Blueberries
  • Tomato sauce
  • Soy sauce
  • Curries

2. Inadequate Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth twice a day removes plaque and food debris that can discolor your teeth. If you want to ...

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How Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Reclaim Your Oral Health

When was the last time you visited the dentist? Does fear or anxiety keep you from going every six months? Do you avoid going to the dentist until you are in pain?

You are not alone. Dental phobia affects millions of Americans and sometimes keeps them from getting the treatment they need, creating a vicious cycle that causes dental pain and more fear. The good news is your sedation dentist in Vienna, VA offers solutions that can make visiting the dental office regularly comfortable and stress-free.

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is delivered comfortably through a small mask that you wear during your procedure. It provides relaxation and even ...

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I'm Missing Multiple Teeth! What Are My Options for Replacement?

When you are struggling with multiple failing or missing teeth, your normal daily activities become challenging! Most of us take for granted the fact that we can comfortably enjoy the foods we love until we can't any longer. The appearance of your teeth may also cause you to feel self-conscious about interacting with other people.

Whether you are missing a few or almost all of your teeth, the good news is that dentures in Vienna, VA offer a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution. Here's what you should know about your options.

Full or Partial Dentures

If most or all of your teeth are failing, complete dentures are a removable appliance that is designed ...

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Don't Let Stained Teeth Ruin Your Smile! KöR Teeth Whitening Can Help!

If you have had a professional teeth whitening treatment, you know how the results can transform your smile and lift your self-confidence. By now, even those who’ve never had a whitening treatment understand the effect it can have!

But you may not be aware that there’s an innovative treatment called KöR Teeth Whitening and Deep Bleaching that takes whitening to a whole new level. Dental patients who opt for KöR teeth whitening in Vienna, VA, have found that it exceeds their expectations for a transformational smile makeover!

KöR’s Unique Approach to Whitening

Now you know that KöR delivers exceptional results, you may wonder what sets it apart from other professional whitening treatments:  

Unparalleled ...

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Your Guide to Foods that Support Oral Health

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We all know that sugar is bad for teeth. It’s probably one of the first nutritional facts you learned, and, even though you may not understand why it’s harmful, it’s a rule you still live by today.

How Sugar Affects Your Oral Health

As you go through your day, food particles, saliva, and bacteria build upon your teeth and form a biofilm we call plaque. The bacteria in plaque needs to consume carbohydrates for food, and as it does, it produces acid. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing all interrupt this process and help prevent the acid from eating away at your dental enamel and causing cavities. 

Bacteria thrive on carbohydrates like table sugar because they ...

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Want to Extend the Life of Your Crown? Here’s How!

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If you recently had a porcelain crown placed, you’re probably already enjoying its benefits. Not only can you smile confidently again, but you can return to eating your favorite foods without experiencing any discomfort.

Getting a new crown can improve your appearance and oral health, so you owe it to yourself to care for it to get the most out of your investment. A well-made porcelain crown can last up to 15 years, but some last even longer with proper care. 

Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Crown

Porcelain is a beautiful, natural-looking material and results in restorations that blend beautifully with your smile. Here are some steps you can take ...

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