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Why We Recommend Extracting Your Wisdom Teeth

May 28, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Ardalan Sanati
woman smiling after tooth extraction exam in vienna va

Wisdom teeth aren't everyone's cup of tea, and your dentist may recommend extracting yours to treat your dental health. 

Why We Recommend Dental Extractions

Wisdom teeth don't aid or assist us; they aren't necessary for eating or chewing or anything practical.

In fact, their most prominent role is catching cavities and tooth decay because of their location.

Even if you have enough room to spare for incoming wisdom teeth, your dentist might still recommend a wisdom tooth extraction to avoid oral health issues and infection. 

We Routinely Perform Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Our dental team at Tysons Dentistry is highly-skilled in removing wisdom teeth; it is a regular procedure for us. We are happy to offer this oral surgery conveniently in our dental office. 

We understand that patients can have some anxiety or fear before surgery; it's completely normal! The good news is that, since this is a regular dental procedure for us, patients can expect a reliable, comfortable, and skilled process. We make the process a smooth and painless experience for patients. 

We use advanced digital x-rays so we can take a detailed peek into your mouth, soft tissues, jaw bone, and everything else. Our Vienna, VA dentists can determine if there are any complications with the treatment before we begin. 

Our advanced intraoral cameras allow us to get a detailed image of your wisdom teeth so we can design a successful surgery. 

It's understandable if you feel nervous before the surgery. We ask that patients let us know if they have anxiety or fear; we kindly offer sedation dentistry to keep patients relaxed and happy. 

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At Tysons Dentistry, we work hard to keep our patients healthy and smiling. If your wisdom teeth are causing pain, we can treat you and the discomfort. 

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