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5 Signs That Might Mean You Need An Extraction

March 17, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Shohreh Shahram
Dental Extraction | Vienna VA Dentist

At our Vienna, VA dental office, Dr. Sanati and Dr. Shahram make every effort to save a tooth from extraction. But sometimes, despite your best efforts to maintain good oral health, a tooth may need to be extracted.

The news can be devastating – many of us take our oral health for granted when there are no problems. So it can be a shock to get to the point where there’s no longer a choice; the tooth needs to come out.

How to tell if you need a tooth extraction

How will you know if you need a tooth extraction? Here are five signs to look for:

  1. A tooth with a root canal infection can usually be saved with a root canal procedure. However, if infection of the root canal has advanced to the point where traditional treatment cannot save it, our only remaining choice is to remove the tooth. 
  2. Sometimes, due to poor oral hygiene or lack of routine care, a tooth has suffered too much damage to be saved with a restoration or even a root canal. In this case we would recommend extraction to protect your overall oral health.
  3. When gum disease reaches a certain point, it is called advanced periodontitis. In this case, we may need to extract a tooth to preserve the health of your gums and surrounding teeth. 
  4. We’re preparing for dentures or orthodontic treatment and need to remove some teeth for the best results.
  5. A wisdom tooth has either partially erupted or erupted in such a way that it results in crowding, compromising surrounding teeth as well as gum health.

Tooth Extractions in Vienna, VA

We only perform tooth extractions at our Vienna, VA dental office when we have exhausted all other options and your overall oral health is in jeopardy. If extraction is necessary, you can count on our team to help make your procedure as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We offer various sedation options and will be happy to work with you to decide which is right for you. Call us at ​(703) 442-0770 today!

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