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Don't Lose Your Crown to Candy! Foods to Think Twice about if You Wear a Crown

January 21, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Shohreh Shahram
Dental crowns | vienna va dentist | tysons dentistry

Remember back when you were a kid and your teeth could handle just about anything you threw at them? Popcorn, gummies, and Tootsie Rolls were all easy to enjoy because your teeth were all healthy and intact.

You Aren't a Kid Anymore!

As an adult, you may have had your share of dental wear and tear that involved having restorations like fillings, crowns, and bridges to repair. These are all solutions that restore function and appearance, and while they may feel like a natural tooth, you still need to take special care with them.

The dental cement that dentists use to secure a restoration like a crown can last for decades but is no match for the sticky candies like those gummies and Tootsie Rolls you used to enjoy as a child. You may be able to get away with enjoying these treats once in a while, but indulging on a regular basis can gradually work your crown loose.

How You Can Protect Your Crown

However, crowns can also fall out due to decay underneath or other abuse like using your teeth to open packages. Routine dental visits allow your dentist to check for loose restorations and re-cement them back in place before they allow teeth to suffer further damage.

Also avoid chewing on ice, biting your fingernails, and chewing on foreign objects like pencils that can also dislodge a dental crown.

Please Call Our Office to Arrange a Visit

If you are concerned about the stability of your crowns and bridges, please call our Vienna dental office to arrange a convenient appointment with Dr. Sanati or Dr. Shahram. Our doctors will be happy to check and make sure that all your restorations are intact and also address any other problems that affect your oral health.

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