Resin Infiltration for Treating White Spots in Vienna, VA

At Tysons Dentistry, we’re committed to staying current with the most updated dental techniques designed to benefit your oral health. We’re especially focused on finding treatments that are less invasive and cost-effective.

If you have white spots on the smooth surface of your teeth or small defects on the enamel between your teeth, we offer an innovative new procedure called resin infiltration. Resin infiltration is a complicated-sounding term for a fairly straightforward process that can resolve both these problems.

Resin Infiltration in the 22182 Area 

resin infiltration | vienna va | tysons dentistryResin infiltration works by penetrating and filling the enamel to eliminate white spots and defects between teeth with a less invasive, pain-free alternative to more aggressive treatments. There is no need for injections or drilling with this procedure.

We start by isolating the gums to avoid any sensitivity. The tooth is then cleaned, etched, and dried. Next, a specially formulated gel is rubbed on the surface of the dental enamel. After a brief waiting period, the gel is washed away.

If we’re treating white spots, we’ll know immediately if the proper results were achieved. If not, we’ll immediately repeat the procedure. For defects between teeth, we may need to take an x-ray to determine if the procedure was successful.

Stopping Cavities Before They Start

Sometimes a small defect can begin to form on the surface of a tooth that touches the surface of a neighboring tooth. It’s not really a cavity yet, but without treatment, it will gradually spread and damage the inner portion of the tooth. Many dentists take a “wait and see” attitude about these defects.

At Tysons Dentistry, however, we can choose resin infiltration to immediately treat the defect and prevent it from becoming a full-blown cavity. Using this method, we also eliminate the need for having to drill and fill the tooth later. You'll find more information about this process in this informative video.

What Causes White Spots on Teeth?

White spots on your teeth are noticeable and detract from your beautiful smile. They can occur for several reasons:

  • One of the most common reasons for white spots is related to poor oral hygiene around braces, where white spots develop after the braces are removed.
  • White spots may also appear as the result of a defect in the development of the enamel, referred to as hypo-calcification.
  • Fluorosis is another reason for white spots to develop. The condition is caused by an excessive intake of fluoride by children before their teeth are fully developed. Resin infiltration is most effective for mild fluorosis.

The process of resin infiltration can eliminate most white spots and is a cost-effective way to correct an esthetic problem without the need for more involved procedures like porcelain veneers. The results are outstanding, and patients who have had the procedure done at our Tysons Corner dental office are thrilled with the outcome. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings, the results of this procedure are permanent. You can learn more about the process of removing white spots in this video.

Call Today for More Information

We want to provide you with all the information you need because we understand that this is a new type of procedure and you probably have a lot of questions. If you'd like to do more online research yourself, you can find more details here. Otherwise, please give us a call, and we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation with Dr. Sanati or Dr. Shahram to explain the procedure and the ways it may benefit you.