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Brush up on the Benefits of Brushing

August 26, 2021
Posted By: Tyson's Dentistry
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Your family dentist in Vienna, VA follows guidelines by the American Dental Association. These guidelines recommend twice-yearly dental checkups and teeth cleanings. However, if you have an oral health condition, your schedule may vary.

As part of our commitment to prevention, we also encourage our patients to brush and floss after every meal—or at least twice daily.

Between your efforts and our twice-yearly dental care, you can enjoy a healthy and comfortable smile, lowering your risks for preventable oral health conditions.

The Benefits of Brushing Your Teeth Regularly

Besides a clean, healthy feeling, brushing your teeth also improves your breath. Additionally, brushing is essential to your oral health.

When you use your toothbrush, you rid your teeth of the debris and bacteria that can lead to dental cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss. Gum disease is severe because it can impact your overall wellness, including your heart health.

Regular toothbrushing sessions can also lower your risks for tooth stains. Tooth stains can result from the foods and drinks you indulge in, including coffee, wine, and colorful sauces. By cleaning your teeth after consuming tooth-staining foods and drinks, you can typically avoid harsh stains that require professional teeth whitening treatments.

Brushing and flossing routinely are simply the best ways to keep your teeth healthy between checkups and professional teeth cleanings.

Preventive Dentistry in Vienna, VA

When you visit our dental office every six months, your dentist will evaluate your teeth and gums. Additionally, you’ll receive professional teeth cleaning. Your teeth cleaning gets rid of what your toothbrush cannot, and it’s an important part of complete oral hygiene.

Contact Your Dentist Near Me Today

For at-home oral hygiene tips, or if it’s time to schedule your six-month checkup and teeth cleaning, give our dental office a call. Additionally, we are always here to answer your questions.

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