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CEREC vs. Conventional Crowns – What’s the Difference?

April 28, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Shohreh Shahram
CEREC dental crowns | dental crowns | vienna va

The process for getting a dental crown has been the same for decades. Multiple appointments, injections, impressions, and then a two-week wait for your final crown to be finished.

Today, with the aid of 3-D printing technology, CEREC crowns in Tysons, VA can be designed, fabricated, and placed in a single visit. 

CEREC Dental Crowns in Just One Visit

You may be familiar with the steps involved with getting a new lab-fabricated dental crown. Your dentist would prepare the tooth, take impressions, make a temporary crown, and send all the specs to an outside dental lab. Then you had a two-week wait for your new crown to be prepared.

While traditional lab-fabricated crowns are still a fine choice, the benefit of choosing CEREC dental crowns is that you leave the office the same day with a new crown. Same-day convenience means: 

  • NO uncomfortable impressions – CEREC crowns are designed using digital impressions and images with CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing) software. It creates a virtual model of the dental crown with no need for messy impressions!
  • NO two-week wait – Your CEREC dentist in Tysons, VA first designs the crown in the software. The information is sent to a milling machine in your dentist’s office that works like a 3-D printer to fabricate the crown from a block of porcelain. From design to placement, the entire CEREC process takes approximately two hours.
  • NO multiple injections – Since you don’t have multiple visits, the entire process requires only one injection when your dentist prepares your tooth.
  • NO temporary crown – Temporary crowns can be uncomfortable and a hassle to deal with. But since your CEREC crown is fabricated in one visit, there’s no need for a temporary.

Let Us Help You Decide Which is Right for You

It’s important for you to know that lab-fabricated dental crowns are still an excellent choice. If you’re undecided about which type to choose, your CEREC dentist in Tysons, VA is here to help you. Please call Tysons Dentistry today to arrange an appointment with Dr. Sanati or Dr. Shahram.

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