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Is treatment with Icon painful?

Icon or resin infiltration in Vienna, VA, is a way to remove white spots or light-hued discoloration from teeth.

Sometimes, instead of dark brown spots or yellow teeth, your enamel takes on a whitish shade in certain places. This can be due to orthodontics, hygiene issues, too much fluoride, or hypo-calcification.

Icon technology is a way to treat these spots without penetrating the tooth, which makes it a painless undertaking. In fact, some patients find it relaxing.

Other uses for resin infiltration include eradicating early cavities before they take hold. Even in this capacity, Icon is a painless and drill-free treatment!

Icon works by filling spots in the enamel. When we do this, we also get rid of white spots or early decay. This treatment gives you a uniform tooth color and makes you feel more confident when smiling.

To lower your risks for white spots and tooth decay, visit your dentist regularly for thorough checkups and teeth cleanings. And remember to brush and floss twice a day or following each meal.

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