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How long does Icon® treatment last?

One of the first questions we get when a patient contacts our Vienna, VA dental office about resin infiltration treatment is:


How long does the Icon® treatment last?

And for a good reason. Patients have long desired to remove the white spots from their teeth, but Icon hasn't always been available. In the past, patients had to choose between drilling out the white spot, filling the hole with composite material, or covering the tooth with a dental restoration such as a crown or veneer—or deciding against treatment altogether.

However, there is a dental treatment available that is much less invasive. Icon resin infiltration is a procedure that uses a special, light-activated resin to remove white spots from teeth. The resin bonds with the tooth, providing long-lasting protection.

White Spot Removal in Vienna, VA

While the results of Icon dental treatment are not permanent, they can last for several years (or more) with proper care. And with that proper care, icon resin infiltration can provide long-lasting results.

Are you tired of your white spots? When you're ready, schedule a consultation with Tysons Dentistry. After completing Icon treatment with us in Vienna, VA, many of our patients have eliminated white spots for longer than two years before they require another treatment.

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