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What exactly is Icon® dental treatment?

Icon® is a resin-infused restorative treatment for white spot lesions found on teeth, also referred to as WSLs. These spots are usually the result of demineralization, which can happen due to medications, trauma, poor oral hygiene, or too much fluoride exposure. However, WSLs are often most noticeable after orthodontic treatment. This discoloration may be left behind after braces are removed. 


Icon dental treatment is an excellent choice for treating white spots on teeth. The treatment involves using a light-activated resin to improve the appearance and banish white spots on teeth.


How It Works

Icon works by applying a small amount of resin to a prepared tooth (or teeth). This resin is responsible for color correction. The resin penetrates the WSL of the tooth and bonds to it. A special light then cures the resin. The dentist repeats this process until the resin has built up and the WSL is no longer visible. Then, the teeth are polished, providing patients with a uniform look and the elimination of white spots.


Tired of White Spots on Your Teeth?

Let us help you eliminate those pesky white spots! We offer the Icon dental treatment to restore the natural appearance of your teeth by filling in WSLs and blending them with the surrounding tooth structure. When you're ready, please call us at (703) 442-0770 to schedule a consultation. 

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