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Do all dentists do oral cancer screenings?

Most people are familiar with the routine of a dental visit, but many people may not know that dentists also play an important role in identifying oral cancers. In 2022, the American Cancer Society estimates there will be 54,000 new diagnoses for oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers in the United States. Early detection is critical, and most routine dental visits include—or should include—screening for oral cancer.


Every dental exam at Tysons Dentistry in Vienna, VA, consists of an oral cancer screening to keep your smile healthy. Dr. Ardalan Sanati or Dr. Shohreh Shahram will perform a comprehensive visual examination, take digital x-rays and intraoral images, and look for any unusual tissues in the mouth, face, neck, and head during the oral cancer screening exam.


Your dentist will also look for any signs of cancerous or precancerous tissues in your mouth. These can include red or white patches, sores (including those that do not heal), a lump or growth in your mouth, pain or swelling of the jaw, unexplained bleeding, or changes in the texture of your tissue. If your dentist finds anything out of the ordinary, they can perform a biopsy to test the tissue, identify if cancer is present, and develop a personalized treatment plan.

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