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How should I care for my porcelain veneers?

porcelain veneers | vienna va dentistConsidering the dramatic difference that porcelain veneers can make to your smile, you may think that they require a lot of extra care. But you’ll be pleased to know that caring for your new veneers is relatively simple.

Steps For Maintaining Your Veneers

  • Brush and floss your veneers just as you would normally brush your teeth. You don’t need to use any special techniques, and regular toothpaste is fine, as long as it is non-abrasive.
  • If you grind or clench your teeth, please let us know. Dr. Sanati or Dr. Shahram can provide a custom-made occlusal splint that you wear while you sleep to minimize the excess stress on your teeth that occurs when you grind or clench.
  • Porcelain contains glass, which does make your veneers somewhat brittle. Just use common sense, and avoid crunching down on ice, hard candies or nuts.
  • After placement of your veneers, we can make a follow-up appointment for you at our Tysons Dentistry office. At this time we will do a final check on the placement and answer any questions you may have.


That’s all there is to it! As long as you remain proactive with your oral hygiene and make regular appointments for cleanings and exams, your veneers will give you many years of beautiful use.


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