Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, our office will be following the recommendation made by the Virginia Dental Association. Starting, 3/17/2020, we will be closing our office until at least April 24th. If you are experiencing a dental emergency please reach out to our office. Thank you for understanding!
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I knocked out my tooth. What should I do?

Dental light before oral surgeryThe first and most important step is to contact our Vienna dental office immediately. We understand how difficult dental emergency can be, and we are here to get you the help you need as quickly as possible.

In the case of having a tooth knocked out, seeking prompt attention can greatly increase our chances of saving your tooth. If we can see you within an hour of the accident, the odds are good that we can replace the tooth.

Until you get to our office however, there are a few things you can do to optimize the chance of saving the tooth. Do not touch the root of the tooth as you risk disturbing tissue that is attached to it.

What To Do Before Arriving At Your Vienna VA Dentist's Office

Hold the crown of the tooth carefully, and rinse it gently using warm water. You can try to place the tooth back in the socket, but do not force it as you risk further damage.

It is very important to prevent the tooth from drying out, so if you can’t replace it in your mouth, put it in a cup of milk or warm water to keep it moist.

If you are ever in doubt about whether or not you have an emergency, please do not hesitate to contact our Vienna dental office as soon as possible.

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