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What types of extractions do you offer?

x rays of teeth that need extractingDr. Sanati and Dr. Shahram perform gentle tooth extractions at our Vienna, VA dental office for several reasons.

Most commonly, we need to perform an extraction when a tooth has been severely compromised by decay or gum disease infection. The best scenario with a damaged or infected tooth would be to perform a root canal to save the structure of the tooth. However, if decay is so severe that there’s no possible way to preserve tooth structure, extraction will be necessary.

In some cases, a tooth needs to be extracted because of overcrowding or misalignment. Or a wisdom tooth may erupt in such a way that it crowds surrounding teeth. It may be beneficial to your general oral health to remove one or more teeth in these instances, which provides room for surrounding teeth or helps prepare you for orthodontics.

Rest assured that the team at our Vienna, VA dental office has performed many comfortable tooth extractions. We support you with compassionate care to help reduce your anxiety during the procedure. We are also pleased to offer sedation options like nitrous oxide if you need more help relaxing.

If you would like more information about our comfortable tooth extractions, please call our office to arrange a convenient appointment.

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