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How should I take care of my child’s teeth?

Baby Smiling | Kids Dentist in ViennaIt makes sense that starting your child off with good oral health habits will get them started off on a lifetime of healthy teeth. Remember, even if your child still has their baby teeth, dental visits are very important.

Baby teeth are just as essential to oral health as permanent teeth. In fact, we might say that they’re more critical because they provide a foundation for teeth that are already developing in the gums.

A Few Tips For You

Encourage Brushing at Least Twice a Day: Your child may not understand how cavities develop, so simply tell them that they need to brush to get rid of “dirt” that collects on their teeth. Make it fun by purchasing playful toothbrushes, or invest in an electric toothbrush.

Teach your Kids to Floss Once a Day: As an adult you know that diligent flossing is not always your first priority. So do your child the favor of getting into the habit while they are young.

Limit Sugary Foods: It’s not so much the sugar that’s bad for their teeth as it is the fact that problems develop when the sugar is not cleaned away with brushing and flossing. Your best bet is to limit sugary food and drinks to avoid the problem altogether.

We would love the opportunity to help you manage your child’s oral health care needs sensibly. Please contact our Vienna dental office to arrange a convenient appointment for you and your child.




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