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4 Tips for a Clean Retainer

February 4, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Shohreh Shahram
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If you have just completed Invisalign treatment, your dentist probably explained that wearing your retainer afterward is crucial. You have made the investment in your smile, and you love your beautiful new appearance; not wearing your retainer as instructed puts you at risk for undoing the results you worked so hard to achieve. 

Your retainer prevents relapsing because it helps maintains proper alignment, but that means it spends hours in your mouth. You may be surprised to learn that your retainer collects plaque and bacteria in the same way your natural teeth do, so you need to take steps to ensure that it stays clean. 

Helpful Tips for a Clean Retainer

At Tysons Dentistry, we support you throughout your Invisalign treatment, which includes the retainer phase, so we are offering a few helpful tips for keeping your retainer fresh and clean:

  • Brush your teeth and retainer together – Keeping your retainer clean is easy if you make a habit of brushing it when you brush your teeth. 
  • Drink lots of water – You still need to practice conscientious oral hygiene, but drinking water throughout the day carries off food debris and some of the bacteria.
  • Take your retainer out when enjoying sugary drinks – Remove your retainer before eating or drinking because sugar and bacteria affect your retainer just as they affect your teeth.
  • Use a baking soda paste – A convenient and useful disinfectant is baking soda that controls bacteria without harsh chemicals. Mix equal parts water and baking soda to create a paste that you apply to your retainer and scrub gently with your toothbrush.

Please Call Us for More Helpful Information

If you are interested in Invisalign treatment in Vienna, VA, please call Tysons Dentistry. We will be happy to explain everything you need to know about caring for your teeth during the process.

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