Teeth Whitening in Vienna, VA

A fresh, white smile can literally change your life. It refreshes your appearance, and nothing draws people to you like a beautiful smile. If your smile doesn’t live up to your expectations, teeth whitening is an effective procedure that can take a weathered, timeworn smile and give it a new life, brilliance, and sparkle.

Convenient Teeth Whitening Options

Depending on your personal preferences and goals, our Vienna dental office offers teeth whitening options that will totally rejuvenate a dull, tired-looking smile. A professional in-office treatment using EPIC Laser teeth whitening teeth whitening | vienna vaor Zoom teeth whitening provides remarkable results in under an hour.

If you prefer to whiten your teeth at your own pace, a professional at-home whitening kit is the answer for you. We will be happy to help you decide which system is more appropriate for helping you achieve your desired results.

Why Whiten?

Do you ever wonder what happened to that unspoiled smile you had when you were a kid? As a child, your teeth were bright white because your young enamel had not had time to wear down and develop microscopic cracks.

As you age, these tiny cracks attract debris and stains caused by a lifetime of delicious encounters with everything from red wine to coffee and dark berries. Eventually, everyone’s teeth develop stains, but discolored teeth can be brightened quickly and effectively in a single trip to the dentist.

EPIC Laser Teeth Whitening Treatments

At Tysons Dentistry, we want to provide our patients with the most advanced dental treatments available. That is why we are proud to introduce you to a state-of-the-art dentalsystem called EPIC Laser. Using EPIC, we can provide you with an even greater variety of laser treatments that require less time and prevent discomfort even better than before. Dental lasers have been used for years to comfortably and safely address issues like gum disease and to assist with certain cosmetic procedures like gum contouring. 

Fast, Effective Zoom Whitening

Zoom professional teeth whitening is a system that has been used safely for many years with outstanding results. For your convenience, we offer two methods for whitening your teeth:

teeth whitening service | vienna va  Professional In-Office Whitening – The great thing about in-office whitening is that it is so efficient. You simply sit back, relax, and let us take your smile from dull to dazzling in  less than an hour. 

Professional Take-Home Whitening Kits – Would you like to have greater control over the time you spend and the level of whitening you achieve? If so, a professional at-home whitening kit may be right for you. The kit includes a custom-made whitening tray that holds the whitening gel and fits over your teeth perfectly. We can also provide an at-home kit that will allow you to maintain the results of an in-office whitening.

It will take longer to achieve noticeable results with an at-home kit, but both options will help you achieve the goal of a fresh, white smile.

Discover Your Best Smile

If you’re not happy with the appearance of your stained or discolored teeth, a simple professional whitening treatment may be all you need to bring out the best in your smile. We understand that you’re busy, and our goal is to make cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening as stress-free and simple as possible. Our convenient, accessible location and patient-friendly scheduling make it easy for you to achieve your goal of a bright, white smile.

Please contact our Vienna dental office and we will be happy to make an appointment to answer your questions about teeth whitening as well as other appropriate cosmetic dental treatments.